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gH2 2.0

Workshop for students of all disciplines

Fellows (in alphabetical order):

Academic Advisors
Prof. Raffaele Giuseppe Agostino, Universita della Calabria, Italy
Prof. Zoltan Major, Institute of Polymer Product Engineering, JKU Linz, Austria
Prof. Shin Nishimura, Hydrogenious Research, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan

Industry Expert
Dr. Bernd Schrittesser, ScioFlex GmbH, Austria

The workshop will be held in English.


Green hydrogen, g-H2 is an important energy carrier for a more climate-friendly future. But green hydrogen competes both with hydrogen from conventional production and with other energy carriers and their application technologies. The question arises to what extent green hydrogen can or will play a leading or at least significant role in the global energy system of the future. Furthermore, in addition to the obvious large-scale industrial applications of hydrogen (e.g. steel production, mixing with natural gas in pipelines), the potential commercial applications at different scales need to be investigated. These range from individual households to local small-scale hydrogen valleys in mobility and energy recovery.

High-pressure compressed hydrogen can be used an alternative fuel for novel mobility solutions. International efforts are being made to commercialize the production and availability of green hydrogen. However, there is a need for regulations, codes and standards that address the unique properties of liquid hydrogen and the safety concerns inherent to hydrogen energy systems. One of the main applications for hydrogen energy is hydrogen-fueled vehicles, which are currently in the testing or in initial commercialization stage. A wide public and regulatory acceptance requires the essential development of hydrogen fueling infrastructure along with specific safety standards for hydrogen fueling stations and all components of the hydrogen transportation chain. The operational reliability of the entire system must be worked out on both system and component level. In addition to the technical details of the regulations, these have to be involved also the operational and legal consequences. The hydrogen-based traffic and transportation requires also new material solutions both for the vehicles and for the auxiliary systems of the entire infrastructure. Above mentioned regulations must be extended for the materials used. The goal of the workshop is to provide a fundamental understanding of the behavior of polymer materials under extreme operating conditions in an H2 environment and to present or advance alternative material concepts for future applications.

The workshop focuses on two material classes and applications:

  • A proper sealing strategy is essential from environmental from economical (green hydrogen production is expensive) and from safety (leakage and potential for explosion) for all hydrogen applications.
  • The physical storage of pressurized hydrogen requires the further development of the 5th generation of hydrogen pressure vessels. 5th generation of pressure vessels reveal integrated liners for reduced permeability, thermoplastic matrix materials for improved toughness, producibility and recyclability as well as improved durability.

The simulation methodology considers simultaneously the transport (diffusion, solubility and permeation), the viscoelastic (basic sealing potential) and the durability (creep and fatigue) of relevant components. We will analyze these topics in the workshop and discuss them with invited experts.

Moreover, we will discuss the role of green hydrogen in the construction of sustainable cities. We believe that the solution for the future with green hydrogen does not lie in the technology alone, but also in the ability to manage it.

The IAT will cover the costs for accommodation and lunch as well as the workshop itself. Travel, local transport costs, dinner or any other consumption during your stay are to be paid by yourself. Contribution of € 45,- in a shared room.
Please state your university and field of study when registering. Please include a short letter of motivation in the "Comment" field.

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Datum, Uhrzeit 22. 09. 2024
Termin-Ende 26. 09. 2024
Anmeldeschluss 05.07.2024, 12:00
Veranstaltungsort Int. Akademie Traunkirchen


Internationale Akademie Traunkirchen
Klosterplatz 2
4801 Traunkirchen