J.S.Bach, complexity, simplicity and infinity


date icon 27-Jul-10
time icon 7 pm

Öffentliche Vorträge

Prof. Vladimir Chaloupka, University of Washington

Klostersaal Traunkirchen followed by a small concert in the church

In many fields of science, as well as in the arts, the complementary concepts of complexity and simplicity play an important role.
In this lecture-demonstration, we explored these issues using the examples of the Mandelbrot set and Bach’s music.
The “infinity” in the title refers not just to the possible infinity of space and time, but also to the infinity of complexity (Mandelbrot) and infinity of wisdom (Bach).

The event started in the Klostersaal with a brief introductory lecture (in English, with German slides). Then we moved into the Kirche for a “Kunst der Fuge” pipe organ demonstration.